Dennise Smith, Vow to Restore Trust in Justice (60 sec. version)

Dennise Smith: Unbiased, Experienced and Accountable

It is a Supreme Court Justice's responsibility to preserve and protect the Constitution by making fair and impartial decisions based on the facts and the law, not politics, wealth, or status. A Supreme Court Justice must ensure that the Constitutional rights of all citizens are protected equally under the law. The important work Supreme Court does impacts the lives of everyday people as well as the flow of business that keeps our economy moving. This is a task I have spent more than 20 years preparing for and accept with open arms.

I have worked for and under the law my entire adult life. While most lawyers get “typecast” (to use a Hollywood phrase) early on as either a prosecuting or defense attorney, and that is where they stay for the rest of their career—which gives many a one-sided view of the law—this is not the case with me. I have had a diverse legal background that has allowed me to work on all facets of the law.

The way that two eyes give you a better perception of depth, applies to my legal experience. It puts me in the position of being the most qualified candidate in this race. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be—and shouldn’t be—running for the Court.

The duties of the Supreme Court are sacred to the Republic as the unbiased, nonpartisan third branch of government. I understand, respect, and honor these duties and promise to live up to them by deciding all cases based on the facts and the law; nothing more, nothing less.

The Supreme Court belongs to the people, not the politicians.

I AM ––

• A lawyer—not a politician—licensed to practice in West Virginia, Ohio, and California. I have sworn an oath in three separate states to represent the Constitution and the rule of law without bias or prejudice. I will always abide by that.

• Committed to fairness, integrity and respect for all West Virginians.

• Accountable—I will not waste the taxpayers' hard-earned money.

• A graduate of West Virginia University and the WVU School of Law, graduating in the top 15% of my class.

• A West Virginian born and raised in Montgomery, now living in Charleston.


• Over 20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer handling cases in state, federal and administrative courts involving complex issues of Constitutional law.

• Presented cases before the West Virginia Supreme Court and participated in appeals in United States Federal Court.

• Served as a Staff Attorney in the West Virginia State Legislature, so I understand how laws are made and the rules that must be followed when enacting them.

• Represented West Virginians from all walks of life, including employees, business owners, and state agencies.

• Served as an Administrative Law Judge for Workforce West Virginia, so I understand the plight of citizens who have been hit with economic uncertainty.

• A diverse legal background ensures that I will consider both sides of a position and make decisions based on the facts and the law.

Even if campaign rules allowed me to talk about my interpretations of, or opinions on, the law, I would not run on them, because that is not the job of a Supreme Court Justice. My job, if elected, will be to interpret the law without political bias or personal prejudice. And that is what I intend to do. That is what my career has prepared me to do.

I thank you for your time and humbly ask for your vote for Supreme Court Justice on November 8!

~Dennise Smith, candidate for West Virginia Supreme Court

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